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The Optima auto batteries are one of the best batteries found in the market today. The spiral cell designs used to produce the battery offers innovative technology in providing a clean and strong power source that far exceeds any of other acid filled or lead filled batteries.

You can count on a longer lasting life auto battery, with optima auto battery under the hood. It meets the demands of all the SUVs, trucks and cars greater than ever before.

The Optima auto batteries are dual purpose batteries, designed especially for cyclic and engine start applications and these can also be used in the vehicles with huge loads. Inside the Optima battery, the radically superior design helps the battery to last for long time. To provide own structural help and to obtain conventional battery performance, the lead material is diluted in the stiffening materials, which accomplishes the need.

The technology used to design the batteries is “Unique Engineering Concept”, in which, the lead layers are wound into rigid spiral cells. These high performance and high purity lead provide technical strength to the battery.

This dramatically results in higher output temperature and lower internal resistance extremes. It is enough to recharge for a time of one hour to recharge the battery fully and this time is half the available conventional batteries. Even if the battery is not used for long time, its capabilities remain same, but half a volt of power is lost in every 6 months idle period.

The glass mat is used as absorbent in the battery, alternating the lead layers, which makes the electrolyte to be in contact with the batteries lead surface area. This development in the battery provides more surface area and it also supports plate paste to provide longer service life, typically twice the conventional batteries.

The spiral cell design technology used in the construction of Optima batteries supplies increased energy and more power. It results in reliable and fast starts even in any tremendous conditions.

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