Auto Security System Review: the powerhouse Power Lock!

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A recent survey has revealed that about every 20 seconds, a car is stolen. And what makes this figure even scarier is the fact that 9 out of the 10 are usually hotwired. Standard accessories like the steering wheel bars and the pedal locks may object a professional thief in making his task tougher, but somehow the thieves turn out to be always smarter than your expect. Even the police cars cannot actually track the car that has been stolen and that is being driven. So what else is the way to get over this problem? Choose a real reliable Auto security System. One such an example is the Power Lock.

The power lock calls itself a sealed foul proof system that can prevent your car or truck or van being hotwired. It also says that its electronic system can never be circumvented. The system works by creating an open ignition circuit that prevents from starting the circuitry in the beginning.

Usually any kind of a vehicle is of interest to a thief, but there is also a priority to the thieves. What's more interesting is the fact that a dismantled vehicle has four times the price as that of its parts in the show room.

This auto security system has been ranked number one in the Solenoid immobilizer System. The main advantage of this auto system is that it is being attached permanently to the vehicle’s starter motor. And hence it becomes hard to break through the system.

his auto security system costs $ 299 excluding the taxes. Labor and installation charges are also extra!

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